Sectors and Products

We would like to show you in which fields we carry out our professional activity
Obra pública

Mining and Drilling

Drilling material for underground and opencast mining, quarries and tunnels: top hammer extensible rods (rods, bits, couplings,shank adapters), Integral drilling rods, DTH hammers, rotary drill bits and drill pipes. Blasting Accessories: seismographs, electronic blasting devices, ohmeters, clay sticks, omega sheaths, blasting line, mini explosives-magazines, ventilation pipes. Air hoses, fixtures, pneumatic drilling equipment (Drifters an pushing columns) Pumping equipment, injection and shotcreting equipment. Safety equipment (respirators, work clothes)

Public and Civil Works

Since the very beggining our main issue has been representing the finest manufacturers of excavators, compaction and construction machinery:



Fork lifts trucks

Telescopic handlers

Hydraulic bracker

Selfloading concrete mixers

Transport, injection and pumping and shotcreting equipment

Diesel and electric drive air compressors


Hydraulic and pneumatic tools

Cutting and compaction equipment


Aerial work platforms

Sector Obra pública y privada
Sector construcción

Building and Construction

Maprinsa has employed technical and human resources to provide high quality solutions according to our customer’s needs supplying equipment and material such as:

Metal doors, fire doors, ready assembled and house doors.

Safety equipment for work site

Concrete treatment machinery

Electric power tools

Roof windows

Tools, accessories, bits, scaffolding, etc.

Manufactured by some of the most prestigious domestic and international brands for all your projects, be they apartment buildings, individual family homes or any other branch of the sector.


We supply all types of fork lift trucks: counter-weighted, diesel, electric, for indoor use (pallet trucks, reach trucks, walkie stackers, order pickers).
Compressed Air: Compressors from 2 to 500 CV, screw and piston compressors, including oil-free, refrigerated absorbtion dryers, all types of filters, aluminum pipes and accessories for networks,
as well as an ample range of pneumatic tools.
Stainless steel production equipment for labs or agressive environments: food sector (to include dairy, fish processing, chemical plants, etc.).
Electric and manual pallet trucks, walkie stackers and a variety of accessories.
Industrial cleaning equipment like vacuum sweepers, hydrocleaners, etc.
Possibility of second hand or reconditioned units.

Maprinsa en el sector industrial
Maprinsa en el sector de limpieza

City Street Cleaning and maintenance

We have been selling utility vehicles for street cleaning and urban maintenance for over 20 years. We have one of the widest range of these machines in the market, and our deliveries include such first rate equipment as:

Vacuum Sweepers and Scrubbers

Selfpropelled vacuum cleaners

Surface washers

High pressure cleaning equipment

Garbage trucks

Garbage compacting trucks

Gardening equipment

We also carry out specific projects, custom-made for our client’s needs, (or instance noiseless and non-polluting garbage container washing vehicles for night-time use).

We carry a wide variety of urban furniture and equipment for urban waste disposal (above and underground garbage containers, litter bins, for instance) for city, parks and playgrounds (benches, playground installations).

Electric vehicles

Non polluting and noiseless vehicles equipped with electric engines instead the traditional thermical one comply with the living standards we desire for our cities, where clean air and environment go hand in hand with the modern design of work vehicles. Cars with 2, 4 or 6 seats and vans of up to 700 kg payload, with bodywork to client’s specifications. To this we have to add the savings of going from Diesel or gasoline to electric energy.

Sector coche eléctrico